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Strength in Beauty Grant Fund

Applications are now closed.

Through the Strength in Beauty program, cosmetology professionals residing in the city of Atlanta, and/or working in the city of Atlanta, with a current cosmetology license who have suffered a loss of business impacting immediate monetary needs like rent and utilities can apply for a $1,000 relief grant.

How To Apply

Applications will be reviewed by an independent committee as applications are received. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed and will not be given consideration. An incomplete application is considered to be one that has not uploaded all requested documents or answered all required questions.

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Applications are now Closed

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Eligibility Requirements

A business is eligible for a Strength in Beauty Grant if it meets all of the following:

  • A resident of the city for at least the last six (6) months
  • The individual’s business is located in the city of Atlanta and the business is ineligible for federal benefits
  • Be part of the cosmetology industry, including Master Cosmetologist, Nail Technician, Hair Designer, Esthetician, Cosmetology Instructor, Nail Tech Instructor, Hair Designer Instructor, Esthetician Instructor, Cosmetology Apprentice, Esthetician Apprentice, Hair Designer Apprentice, Nail Tech Apprentice, Master Barber, Barber Instructor, Barber Apprentice
  • Have a current cosmetology license issued by the State of Ga.
  • Able to establish a loss of business and impact on the business as a result of the COVID-19 virus
  • Demonstrate a financial need to meet immediate monetary needs, i.e., food, rent or mortgage, utilities, medical expenses, transportation costs, or other essential financial obligations, caused by the economic impact of COVID-19

Have questions?

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