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Tax Allocation Districts Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a TAD? A Tax Allocation District (TAD) is established for the purpose of catalyzing investment by financing certain redevelopment activities in underdeveloped or blighted areas using public dollars. Redevelopment costs are financed through the pledge of future incremental increases in property taxes generated by the resulting new development. Typically, upon creation, TADs […]

Campbellton Road TAD

Overview The Campbellton Road Tax Allocation District was created in 2006 to facilitate the resurgence of this key commercial corridor by encouraging substantial private commercial investment. The TAD will help establish the framework for new redevelopment opportunities and investment covering a major arterial linking Downtown to the neighborhoods in southwest Atlanta and provide an important […]

Atlantic Station TAD

Overview The Atlantic Station Tax Allocation District was established in 1999 to facilitate the redevelopment of a 138-acre brownfield site, which had been contaminated due to almost a century of heavy industrial use. Today this site is home to a vibrant, sustainable, mixed-use development which has made use of alternative transportation modes to minimize congestion, […]

Stadium Area TAD

Overview The Stadium Neighborhoods Tax Allocation District was created in 2006 to facilitate the redevelopment of the area around Turner Field by encouraging substantial new development. The TAD will establish the framework for redevelopment opportunities and investment in portions of the Summerhill, Mechanicsville and Peoplestown neighborhoods and provide an important economic incentive to enhance the […]

Hollowell/Martin Luther King TAD

Overview The Hollowell/M.L. King Tax Allocation District was created in 2006 to ameliorate the conditions contributing to disinvestment and marginal use of property within the district. The primary purpose of the TAD is to promote balanced growth by stimulating redevelopment and the creation of a vibrant retail corridor. With careful planning and guidance, both Donald […]

Metropolitan Parkway TAD

Overview The Metropolitan Parkway Tax Allocation District was created in 2006 to facilitate the redevelopment of one of the City’s prime development sites within its southern sector. This TAD will address the disinvestment that has occurred over the past three decades by funding new infill commercial and mixed-use development, roadway and transportation-oriented improvements, and infrastructure […]

Atlanta BeltLine TAD

Overview The Atlanta BeltLine is the most comprehensive revitalization effort ever undertaken in the City of Atlanta and among the largest, most wide-ranging urban redevelopment and mobility projects currently underway in the United States. This sustainable project is providing a network of public parks, multi-use trails and transit by re-using 22-miles of historic railroad corridors […]

Princeton Lakes TAD

Overview The Princeton Lakes Tax Allocation District was created in 2002 to spur the development of an ambitious live, work and play community in an underserved area of southwest Atlanta. The TAD has facilitated the development of a 400-acre pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use project by providing funding to address various challenges presented by the property, including: steep-sloped […]

Westside TAD

Created in 1992 by the City of Atlanta, Fulton County and the Atlanta School Board, the Westside TAD is located in the center of the city of Atlanta and includes the western portion of the central business district (“Downtown”) and adjacent neighborhoods to the west. As the City of Atlanta’s redevelopment agent, Invest Atlanta is […]

Perry Bolton TAD

  Overview The Perry-Bolton/Northwest Atlanta Tax Allocation District was established in 2002 to make possible the redevelopment of over 500 acres of underdeveloped real estate in northwest Atlanta. Redevelopment of the Perry Homes public housing development has already begun to transform this area once filled with derelict properties and old apartments into a vibrant, mixed-use, […]