Invest Atlanta has streamlined the application funding process for the development community by offering a two-tiered application.


A streamlined version of our standard incentive application for developers who are in preliminary stages of development.


  • Consultation and walkthrough of the funding process
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Only need to provide market study and all the standard development information.
  • Nonrefundable Application Fee in the amount of $250.00 at time of submission; this fee can be credited to the general application pending satisfactory underwriting.
  • Although the concept submission is recommended, it is not required and developers have the option to submit our standard developer incentive application for funding.


Our standard incentive application for funding. Users must provide:
  • All the standard development information.
  • Nonrefundable Application Fee in the full amount at time of submission (fee is program specific, please see program descriptions).

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Sustainability Requirements Needed for Funding

Projects need to meet one of the following:

Constructing Atlanta’s Future

Throughout the US and Atlanta, a new trend has emerged and it’s all about the central city. People are moving back in town and for good reason: close proximity to jobs, restaurants, theater, shopping; less time spent in cars; less lawn maintenance; and the desire to be close to the action. By 2030, the Atlanta region will see the population increase by 2.3 million people — a whopping 40% increase! If we do not address the lack of available workforce housing within the City of Atlanta now, the average working-class person will continue to be forced to move to the suburbs, thus exacerbating the problems associated with sprawl: traffic congestion, pollution, water quality and quality of life.

“10 Reasons Why Developers Should Enter Into Public/Private Partnerships”

NBIZ Magazine, Spring 2006


The opportunity for builders and developers is this -> 60% of 2030 development will be built after 2000. The population as a whole in metro Atlanta is aging. We will see the percentage of people over age 55 increase from 21% to 31% by 2030. The number of families with school-age children will decrease in metro Atlanta from 36% to 25% of total households by 2030. Where will these people want to live? For many, the answer is Atlanta->s central city.

Atlanta is currently one of the least dense cities in the US. Opportunities exist within the City to increase the supply of workforce housing and accommodate a larger share of the growth for the region.

Part of Invest Atlanta’s charge is to increase the inventory and availability of workforce housing and revitalize communities within the City of Atlanta. Our URFA and TAD programs are designed to do just that (by stefan at testsforge). By working together, we can create a vibrant and healthy City of Atlanta for future generations to enjoy.