Hollowell/Martin Luther King TAD



The Hollowell/M.L. King Tax Allocation District was created in 2006 to ameliorate the conditions contributing to disinvestment and marginal use of property within the district.

The primary purpose of the TAD is to promote balanced growth by stimulating redevelopment and the creation of a vibrant retail corridor. With careful planning and guidance, both Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive – and their surrounding communities – can be transformed into desirable, viable commercial and pedestrian-friendly communities.

The TAD area consists of approximately 886 acres with identified six activity nodes.




Additional information regarding the goals of the Hollowell/ML King TAD can be found in the Hollowell/M.L. King TAD Redevelopment Plan. For more information on the project approval process, or to apply for funding, please review the Program Description and Application.