Perry Bolton TAD



The Perry-Bolton/Northwest Atlanta Tax Allocation District was established in 2002 to make possible the redevelopment of over 500 acres of underdeveloped real estate in northwest Atlanta. Redevelopment of the Perry Homes public housing development has already begun to transform this area once filled with derelict properties and old apartments into a vibrant, mixed-use, mixed-income community.

Upon completion, West Highlands at Heman E. Perry Boulevard will include over 650 new single family homes, 700 apartments, a PATH multi-use trail and new parks and greenspace.The TAD will also provide the stimulus for development of new retail and service businesses in an underserved area as well as funding for implementation of the Bolton/Marietta LCI plan, the Hollywood Road vision and plan, and other corridor improvements.

Improved transportation and related infrastructure, neighborhood-serving retail and other pedestrian-friendly enhancements will attract community-building investments and new development. To see evidence of the transformation already underway, click here.




Additional information regarding the goals of the Perry Bolton TAD can be found in the Northwest Atlanta Redevelopment Plan.

Applications for TAD funding are not currently being accepted for Perry Bolton TAD funding.