Trio: A New Path to Homeownership

Trio: A New Path to Home Ownership

Trio, working with Invest Atlanta, provides an affordable and flexible lease-to-own model for those looking outside of the traditional mortgage box. It’s a great option for those who are currently renting and interested in owning a home, but might need a third way.

This program offers the opportunity to secure a lease on a home with the option to buy it at a locked-in interest rate and terms based on today’s pricing underwritten to FHA standards.

Trio Flexibility

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Trio Flexibility

Trio provides flexibility while you live in your new home. If you experience a relocation for your job or change in your household, you have the option of purchasing your home, exchanging it for another, or moving on, it’s up to you. If you are on track to purchase, but not quite ready, Trio may be able to extend your lease to give you more time.

With Trio, it doesn’t cost much to get in and it’s easier to get out. In contrast, with a conventional mortgage, it’s best to be certain of your future before you commit because it costs a lot to get in and even more to get out.

How to use Trio to secure your home


Trio Can Be Used In Partnership With Invest Atlanta Homebuyer Incentives

Invest Atlanta can provide homebuyer incentives to pay for all or a portion of the down payment, as well as closing costs, associated with purchasing a new or existing home.

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