Westside Neighborhood Development


Investing in the Westside
In late 2012, Invest Atlanta began working with Westside community members on a neighborhood strategic implementation plan to increase development in the area’s English Avenue and Vine City neighborhoods. Soon after, the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium project was announced, and a larger, comprehensive community benefits planning process for the Westside began. From this process, and with input from more than 300 community members, Invest Atlanta created the Community Improvement Fund (CIF), which provides a dedicated funding source to improve quality of life in English Avenue, Vine City as well as Castleberry Hill, and encourage a more equitable redevelopment future.

Invest Atlanta has committed $15 million to the CIF and leverages these funds in coordination with public and private partners to address critical areas of need – such as affordable housing, employment opportunities, neighborhood security and retail development.

Community Improvement Fund Projects – More Than $8.6 Million Invested to Date
Community Improvement Fund Projects

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For more information, see: Westside TAD Development Opportunities and Community Benefits Plan reports.