Business Improvement Loan Fund

The City of Atlanta and the Invest Atlanta sponsor the Business Improvement Loan Fund (BILF) Program. The BILF is designed to encourage the revitalization of targeted business districts in the city of Atlanta and to support commercial and industrial development in other eligible areas. Presently, designated Business Improvement Districts include the following:

  • Auburn Avenue
  • Donald E. Hollowell Pkwy.
  • Campbellton Road
  • Cascade Road
  • East Atlanta
  • Empowerment Zone
  • Georgia Avenue
  • Heart of Atlanta (including Underground Atlanta)
  • Kirkwood
  • Memorial Drive
  • MLK/Ashby
  • Pryor Road
  • Stewart/Lakewood
  • Sylvan/Dill
  • Techwood Park
  • West End/West View

Direct Loans

The City may provide a direct loan for an eligible project in targeted Business Improvement Districts if the applicant is unable to obtain a market-rate loan for the financing needed. The maximum loan amount is $50,000. The interest rate will be determined by the project’s cash flow, and the loan must be repaid on a monthly basis (over a term not to exceed 7 years). Loan funds (not exceeding $10,000 per applicant) may be used to acquire inventory and working capital for eligible applicants located in targeted areas of the city where property renovation is not needed.

Loan Participants

The City may participate in larger loans (usually $50,000 or more) throughout Community Development Impact Areas (CDIA). Loans may be made to small businesses to assist in meeting local injection requirements for SBA loans. No more than 10% of the total financing for a project can be provided from the Business Improvement Loan Fund. The interest rate will be determined by the project’s cash flow, and the repayment terms may not exceed that of the longest participating lender (maximum 25 years)

Business Improvement Loan FactSheet