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Owner-Occupied Rehab Programs

Helping existing residents with critical home repairs

Choice Neighborhoods Exterior Owner-Occupied Rehab Program Launching 11/30/20! 

Atlanta Housing, Invest Atlanta and the City of Atlanta have launched a deferred forgivable loan program that provides up to $70,000 in federal funds to eligible Ashview Heights and Atlanta University Center homeowners for exterior health and safety repairs on their home.

Funds will be provided in the form of a forgivable loan at a 0% interest rate with payments deferred and forgiven until the earlier of loan maturity, sale, transfer of ownership, or failure to maintain the property as the primary residence during the loan term.  The maximum loan amount per home is $70,000, inclusive of all construction related costs and closing costs. Loan term will be determined by loan amount, not to exceed 10 years.



  • Homeowner must reside within the Choice Neighborhoods of Ashview Heights or Atlanta University Center.
  • Must be a primary homeowner and existing resident as of September 30, 2015.
  • Homeowners with 1st Mortgage Liens are permitted. Second mortgages from Habitat for Humanity on Habitat home, and Invest Atlanta will be treated as one mortgage for purposes of this program. Homes with other liens (tax liens, recorded Fi Fas, etc. are ineligible. Homes with water liens must have a payment arrangement to be eligible).



Contact the Choice Neighborhoods Exterior Owner-Occupied Rehab Program Manager, Meals On Wheels Atlanta at info@mowatl.org or 404-351-3889

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Heritage Owner-Occupied Rehab Program Status

 As a result of the novel coronavirus, the Heritage Owner-Occupied Rehab Programs have been suspended until further notice.  We are following Mayor Bottom’s guidance as it pertains to re-opening the city and will restart the program when it is safe to do so for all parties involved.  We ask for your continuing patience as we navigate these challenging times.   

Westside and Choice Neighborhoods Heritage Programs

If you live in the neighborhoods of Vine City, English Avenue, Ashview Heights, Atlanta University Center neighborhoods, or Castleberry Hills, the Westside Heritage and Choice Heritage Programs are still accepting applications.  Please contact the Program Manager for your Council District below.  

Atlanta Heritage Program

Atlanta Heritage application intake is now closed.

Please continue to be patient as all approvals will not be issued at the same time.  The goal is to issue them in intervals based on priority ranking and Program Manager capacity.  Therefore, if you have not received a denial letter, there still may be an opportunity for you to receive approval. 

However, if your application was incomplete at the time of the application deadline, it will not be considered.  If we re-open application intake in the future, you will have an opportunity to update and complete your application for possible selection into the program.   

Thank you again for your interest and your patience.  Please contact your Program Manager for additional information.      

Invest Atlanta Income Limits & Maximums


Westside Heritage Program

This OOR program is for residents in Westside TAD neighborhoods (Vine City, English Avenue and portions of Castleberry Hill), and is funded by the Vine City Trust Fund and Westside TAD tax increment financing. Program details, eligibility guidelines, and FAQs can be found here:


Choice Neighborhoods Heritage Program

This OOR program is for residents in the Choice Neighborhoods (Ashview Heights and Atlanta University Center Communities) and is supported by a Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant, as well as City of Atlanta and Atlanta Housing Authority Moving to Work funds. Program details, eligibility guidelines, and FAQs can be found here:


Contact Your Program Manager for More Information

Council Districts Program Manager Contact Phone Email 
2, 6 & 9 Executive Realty Solutions Vanessa Harris
Shauielle Anderson
404-549-3367 info@ersreo.com
5, 7 & 8 National Property Institute Greg Shealey
Rena Johnson
1 & 10 House Proud Lisa Jones 404-437-4246 lisa.jones@houseproudatlanta.org
3 & 4  Meals on Wheels Atlanta Vona Cox 404-351-3889
11 & 12 Synergy Real Estate Program Manager 678-763-1127 assistant@synergyrealestate.org

(Click here to find your District. Type in your address and look under Administrative Area.)

For the Westside and Choice Neighborhoods Heritage Owner-Occupied Rehab programs, please contact Meals on Wheels at info@mealsonwheelsatlanta.org or 404-351-3889.

Heritage OOR programs are part of Mayor Bottoms’ larger goal of investing $1 billion from public and private sources to support affordable housing in Atlanta, the largest such investment in Atlanta's history.



Homeowner Testimonials

Jeanette Henderson (Resident of City of Atlanta District 2)

Mrs. Henderson is Atlanta native and has been a homeowner in the City of Atlanta for 65 years. As a recipient of a forgivable Heritage Owner Occupied Rehab loan, Henderson was able to afford critical health and safety repairs on her home.

“A lot of people don’t think about the seniors,” said Henderson. “I think the program is a nice thing for senior citizens because seniors don’t really have a lot of money to get these things done.”
Henderson bought her home because she was interested in being a homeowner instead of renting an apartment in Atlanta. With her loan, she is able to remove mold, install new planks, treat and repair termite damage, repair her hot water tank, upgrade pipes, and replace her stairs.
“Some seniors can afford to get some things done but they can’t afford to get everything done,” said Henderson. “This program was a great idea!”

Robert Fisher (Resident of City of Atlanta District 5)

The Heritage Owner-Occupied Rehab (OOR) program has helped Mr. Robert Fisher stay in the East Atlanta home he has lived in for more than 45 years.

His daughter Jacqueline told him about Heritage OOR, and with the funds he received, program managers from the National Property Institute made important repairs to his home. These included upgrades to his heating and air conditioning systems, a new coat of paint on the house, and the trimming of trees on his property.

Asked if he’d recommend the program to his friends and neighbors, Mr. Fisher said, “Of course I would.”

“I think it’s a good idea,” he said. “And I appreciate it.”

“I think it’s a beneficial program for people that plan to stay in their homes,” his daughter said. “It’s worthwhile, especially if you’ve got many things you want to have repaired and you’re on a fixed income, you can’t afford to get it done yourself. So it’s beneficial, very beneficial.”

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