Atlantic Station TAD

Site of the former Atlantic Steel Mill.

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Getting Your Bearings

About The Atlantic Station TAD

The Atlantic Station Tax Allocation District was established in 1999 to facilitate the redevelopment of a 138-acre brownfield site, which had been contaminated due to almost a century of heavy industrial use.

Today, this site is home to a vibrant, sustainable, mixed-use development which has made use of alternative transportation modes to minimize congestion, improve air quality, and connect major activity centers. This project has also transformed east/west links into more efficient, aesthetically pleasing transportation corridors. 

Atlantic Station TAD Redevelopment Plan

Atlantic Station TAD Development Objectives

The benefits of Atlantic Steel Site redevelopment included:

  • Cleaning-up a major brownfield site
  • Making maximum use of alternative transportation modes to minimize congestion and improve air quality
  • Building a new east/west link, the 17th Street Bridge
  • Creating new jobs
  • Attracting new residents
  • Transforming 14th Street, Northside Drive and Howell Mill Drive into pedestrian friendly, well functioning, aesthetically pleasing corridors
  • New parks and streetscaping

Making It Happen In The Atlantic Station TAD

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