Campbellton Road TAD

Created in 2006 to facilitate the resurgence of this key commercial corridor by encouraging substantial private commercial investment.

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Getting Your Bearings

About The Campbellton Road TAD

The TAD was created to establish the framework for new redevelopment opportunities and investment along a major arterial linking Downtown to the neighborhoods in southwest Atlanta. It was also created to provide an important economic incentive to enhance the area’s market competitiveness.

Campbellton Road TAD Development Objectives

Below are the key economic development and housing principles for the TAD:

  • Improve the investment environment to attract a “fair share” of regional growth.
  • Preserve and enhance the residential neighborhood character.
  • Improve the appeal of the commercial areas.
  • Attract uses at key redevelopment locations to expand employment opportunities (major anchor projects are located along the corridor including Fort McPherson, Greenbriar Mall, and the Atlanta BeltLine).
  • Stimulate redevelopment through creation of an effective public-private partnership.

Cambellton Road TAD Redevelopment Plan


Funding Opportunities

To view current programs, please review guidelines below.

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Notice: The Small Business Improvement Grant program is not currently open. We invite interested applicants to apply for the Commercial Property Improvement Grant.

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