Carbice Corporation Continues to Grow

Carbice Corporation’s aim is to redefine the thermal material market, and Atlanta Emerging Markets Inc. (AEMI), in partnership with Invest Atlanta, is investing $1 million to help the company get one step closer to that goal.  

The Atlanta start-up, founded by heat transfer expert and Georgia Tech professor Baratunde Cola, has developed Carbice® Carbon—a thermal management material that cools devices, so they don’t overheat. Carbice Carbon can be found inside electronics, ranging from smart phones to satellites, and the product has even been tested on the International Space Station.

AEMI’s funding will support Carbice’s purchase of a critical piece of equipment for its newly leased laboratory and manufacturing hub, a new 20,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in the city of Atlanta. The new equipment and facility will allow the organization to serve a larger customer base, retain and increase its local talent, and become an influential local employer and technology company in Atlanta. The corporation currently has 14 employees and plans to increase this number by severalfold by 2024 by tapping into WorkSource Atlanta’s pipeline.

"We are so excited to team with Atlanta Emerging Markets and Invest Atlanta to support our mission of helping our customers, stakeholders, and community achieve more with confidence,” said Baratunde Cola, Carbice founder and CEO. “Carbice enables the future of electronics, and through this work, we achieve our mission."

An active participant in Invest Atlanta’s Students2Startup program, Carbice also plans to partner with local universities and state colleges to create a nanomaterial manufacturing training program to help pre-qualify people for jobs at Carbice with higher pay.

AEMI’s investment in Carbice aligns with its mission to increase the access to capital for entrepreneurs, that are creating accessible jobs and social impact in historically disinvested neighborhoods.

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