Collaboration: One Key to Growing your Business

Khadijah Baynes was ready to expand her business, The Beauty Industry, to a second location, but needed a little help getting her finances in order. 

“ATLinBusiness gave me a professional set of eyes to make sure I had everything I needed.” she explains.

Baynes was then connected to Terri King, a consultant in the program. King, also a Black female entrepreneur, says that the development of a compelling business portfolio is a key milestone for any entrepreneur.

“It not only showcases past achievements but also communicates vision and potential effectively. Khadijah's well-crafted portfolio not only enhanced her credibility but also attracted the right partners, investors and collaborators,” King says.

King is in commercial real estate leasing and sales, and her expertise paired up well with what Baynes needed. She was able to help Baynes beyond just her financial applications. She also helped her identify areas for enhancement and implement tailored strategies. King says that Baynes not only improved her business's efficiency but also set the stage for sustainable growth. 

Baynes says she is very grateful for the ATLinBusiness program and the many services it offers entrepreneurs. She encourages other small business owners to take advantage of it.

“Don’t waste any time. They (ATLinBusiness) are always willing to help. This has gotten me where I need to be and it doesn’t cost anything,” she says.

Entrepreneurship is about continuous innovation and growth, and having clarity about the next steps is essential. Working with expert consultants through ATLinBusiness is one way small business owners can build and grow.

If you are a small business in the City of Atlanta and interested in learning more, visit  ATLinBusiness, and begin the process of transforming your business with a consultant at no-cost to you. 

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