What Happens When Entrepreneurs Dream

Having a business idea is the easy part. Figuring out how to execute it can get tricky. That’s exactly the position Lauren Watts found herself when she initially created BlooPrint Imaginative Play, an educational subscription box company based in Atlanta. The idea came to Watts during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when children were not in school. Lauren wanted to create something fun that the kids could do while they learn at home - practical activities that introduced them to new careers.

“I'd tried different strategies, and nothing kind of took, because I felt like no one could truly understand what I was doing, or could point me to the resources as to where I could get this done,” Lauren explains.

After Lauren applied for a business license, she discovered the resources the ATLinBusiness program offered. She was partnered with one of the skilled consultants in the program for help.

“It gave me confidence. We sat down and discussed marketing and built a strategy. It was intense in a good way. I learned a lot. I was able to get my company trademarked in this process thanks to their guidance,” Lauren said. 

ATLinBuiness is a program provided by Invest Atlanta. It provides no-cost services to entrepreneurs inside the city of Atlanta. The process is simple: apply for the program, get partnered with a consultant, then work together to grow your business. Business owners can select what area of expertise they need support.  After success with marketing, Lauren was paired with another consultant to work on e-commerce.

“And the fact that it's free, I feel almost spoiled that everyone is not literally taking advantage of this. It's almost effortless. In a sense, it's like you have your own personal professional in your back pocket just to make sure that you're going down the right path. I'm super grateful,” Lauren says.

BlooPrint started as a subscription box but Lauren's vision is to have a physical space in Atlanta where children can dream big and actively play. 

“ATLinBusiness wants small businesses to thrive in the city. They have given me so many resources, and I know I can count on them to keep helping me grow,” she adds.

She says while she could try and navigate it alone, she won’t have to because Invest Atlanta is in her corner.

Ready to level up your business? If you are a small business in the City of Atlanta and interested in learning more about ATLinBusiness, visit the website and begin the process of being partnered with a consultant at no cost to you. 

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