A High-Quality Workforce

Atlanta is home to a highly-skilled and well-educated talent pool.

Nearly 48% of City of Atlanta residents over the age of 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Atlanta is the #3 market for educational attainment, the #8 market for tech talent labor by size of labor pool, and the #8 best U.S. metro region for STEM professionals. In addition, the state of Georgia has the #1 workforce training program in the country.

Workforce Data Atlanta
Rank on CBRE 2017 Tech Talent Scorecard #5
Tech Talent Growth Among Major Metros (CBRE) #3
Percentage of 25yo+ w/ Bachelor's 48%
Rank for Educational Attainment (CBRE) #3 (48.9%)
Rank for U.S. metro for STEM professionals #8
Rank for State's Workforce Training Program #1
U.S. Metro Population Growth (2000-2010) #3
Rentention of College Graduates 73%


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