COA Innovation Center: Demonstration Project

In accordance with Resolution 13-R-3778, and to advance the development of innovative technologies, the City of Atlanta seeks to fuel the best science through collaboration and exchange of ideas. The City of Atlanta seeks to accelerate a business’ growth by entering into Demonstration Project Partnerships to provide entrepreneurs an opportunity to beta test their products/ideas by accessing City resources.

Objectives of the Center for Innovation Demonstration Project

  1. Create new markets and new jobs or/and support existing local innovators and  Entrepreneurs
  2. Improve quality and efficiency of City services and operations
  3. Advance the City’s Sustainable Initiatives and economic development strategy
  4. Educate the public about innovative business solutions
  5. Potentially introduce the City to new products for future planning consideration
  6. Position Atlanta as a location for cutting edge innovation
  7. Create a collaborative community of relationships between government and entrepreneurs
  8. Retain entrepreneurs in the City of Atlanta
  9. Attract and maintain investments as a result of new innovations

The Entrepreneur will receive one or more of the following:

  • Receive support and exposure in the beginning stages of product commercial development
  • Receive feedback from a Pioneer Client
  • Test the product for commercial viability
  • Test out the business model


To be considered, please submit your application here.

City of Atlanta Innovation Center: Demonstration Project Guidelines