Kick Back in Castleberry Hill

“Sometimes you’ve just gotta kick back and relax.” That’s the motto and the vibe when you walk into Atlanta’s Match Bar & Oven. While his customers are relaxing, owner James Hamelburg is working hard to build a successful restaurant in downtown Atlanta. Located in Castleberry Hill, right down the street from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Match Bar & Oven has been open for nine years. Hamelburg says the business ebbs and flows and he is determined to make it a success. As he explored how to keep the restaurant sustainable, he started building relationships in the city. One of those relationships is with Invest Atlanta and the ATLinBusiness program.

“I thought, ‘Is this really going to work?’ I didn’t know what to expect. I typically keep expectations low and in this case, it was free.” Hamelburg says. 

But it did work. ATLinBusiness connected Hamelburg with one of its expert consultants to work on two things: a revamped website and a more robust business plan. He says the results far exceeded his expectations, “I couldn’t be more excited. They don’t want anything in return. I will sing the praises of them for the rest of my life.”

ATLinBuiness provides no-cost services to entrepreneurs inside the city of Atlanta. The process is simple: you apply for the program, get partnered with a consultant and then work together to grow your business. Business owners can select what area of expertise they need support. Hamelburg says that things have been tough for his restaurant, and as he has worked with ATLinBusiness, he can see things popping. 

“I have to work hard to keep things afloat, but these guys have my back. It's like they know what I need and what I want,” he explains. Hamelburg believes that it will take another two or three years before the Castleberry Hill neighborhood will really turn around. But, like the growth for Match Bar & Oven, he has faith it will happen. He also believes that his relationship with Invest Atlanta will continue to support him along the way.

If you are a small business in the city of Atlanta and interested in learning more about ATLinBusiness, visit the website and begin the process of being partnered with a consultant at no cost to you. 


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