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Tax Allocation District Grants to Improve Safety in Atlanta

The Atlanta Police Foundation has been granted $2.378 million as part of an effort to increase public safety infrastructure, reduce crime and promote new development through a focus on safety.

“Having a strong sense of safety and security is a fundamental element of building healthy people and healthy communities,” said Alan Ferguson, senior vice president of Community Development at Invest Atlanta.

The funds, which were approved by the Invest Atlanta Board, will be distributed from seven Tax Allocation Districts (TADs), including the Campbellton Road TAD, Eastside TAD, Hollowell-ML King TAD, Metropolitan TAD, Perry Bolton TAD, Stadium TAD and Westside TAD.

The funding will allow the Atlanta Police Foundation to install security cameras and license plate readers within the boundaries of the seven TADs, which will increase police visibility and feedback to the Operation Shield Video Integration Center, where Atlanta police officers have access to cameras in real-time. 

According to Dave Wilkinson, president and CEO of the Atlanta Police Foundation, this investment is part of Mayor Bottoms’ recently announced One Atlanta, One Atlanta Police Department (APD) plan. “This is an additional 250 cameras that will be installed throughout the city in what has been identified as priority-one hotspots by the Atlanta Police Department, city council members and community members,” said Wilkinson. “The impact of these cameras is really something special. They not only provide immediate deterrence through police visibility because the cameras go up with blue lights and signage, they also create immediate situational awareness for the police department when there is an incident or crime that’s just taken place, and they create great investigative value for the officers.”

In addition, studies indicate that security cameras contribute to a minimum of 20% reduction of crime in hotspots within the first year. The cameras will be installed within 90-100 days.

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