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Third Street Goods Opens Doors in Grant Park

Third Street Goods is a neighborhood market that combines the freshness of a farmer’s market and the convenience of a big-name grocery. Plus, there’s a coffee counter and a speak-easy style bar in the back.

Co-owners Holli Medley and Kathryn DiMenichi are part of a local movement to keep clean, sustainably sourced food approachable and affordable. And, they passionately support like-minded businesses by stocking the shelves with their products.

In fact, Holli and Kathryn honed a list of 65,000 line items to 650, filtering everything from a product’s relative distance from its producer and employee care, to the whole ingredients used, environmental stewardship, quality, value, cost, beauty … and of course, flavor.

“We work with co-ops, farmer’s markets and female-, minority- and employee-owned businesses who are committed to doing the right thing,” says Kathryn. “It may not be possible to always stock a perfect selection of unadulterated foods within this bottom-line driven FDA-approved food production system, but we might be able to help turn the ship around, starting with our approved list of 650 items.” Located 420 feet off the Beltline at the Beacon in Grant Park, Third Street Goods offers cured and raw meats, cheeses, canned goods, snacks, beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages and bulk items, as well as limited convenience food and ready-made family meals.

Holli and Kathryn launched the idea of Third Street Goods through a Kickstarter campaign, but a $67,000 loan from Invest Atlanta via Atlanta Emerging Markets Inc. (AEMI) pulled them through the final stretch to opening their doors. “Out of all our experiences to get here, Invest Atlanta was by far the most helpful,” says Holli. “We presented them with our 9-pound business plan (literally), and they were straight-forward, easy to work with and prompt in every way. It’s in their name – they want small businesses in Atlanta to succeed.”

The market’s name is a nod to Kathryn’s paternal great-grandparents, who lived on Third Street. 

“Whenever something is really delicious, my dad always says, ‘That’s Third Street good,’” explains Kathryn. “Food memories are so strong and so important. They take you to another place and time.” Cardinal, the bar nestled in the back of Third Street Goods, is meant to be a magical surprise for market patrons. “Cardinals represent our ancestors,” says Holli, who originally met Kathryn when they both worked as bartenders. “If you’re ever in a moment of stress or need to slow things down and a cardinal appears, you know someone is looking out for you and everything will be ok.”

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