Hollowell/Martin Luther King TAD

Created in 2006 to ameliorate the conditions contributing to disinvestment and marginal use of property within the district.

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Getting Your Bearings

About The Hollowell/Martin Luther King TAD

The primary purpose of the TAD is to promote balanced growth by stimulating redevelopment and the creation of a vibrant retail corridor. With careful planning and guidance, both Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive – and their surrounding communities – can be transformed into desirable, viable commercial, and pedestrian-friendly communities.

Hollowell/Martin Luther King TAD Development Objectives

The long-term vision for the community was articulated in the 2003 Hollowell/M.L. King Redevelopment Plan:

  • Become one of the more desirable locations in the City of Atlanta to live, work and play.
  • Support neighborhoods in a way that is sensitive to its historical resources, safe from crime, economically vital, and serviced by good quality schools.
  • Provide a healthy mix of housing, retail, employment, industrial, and civic places.
  • Create and retain housing that is affordable and appropriate for all segments of the community and that actively protects its environmental resources.
  • Support excellent, convenient, and safe access to its transit facilities by all means of transportation.

Hollowell/M.L. King Redevelopment Plan

Funding Opportunities

To view current programs, please review guidelines below.

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Notice: The Small Business Improvement Grant program is not currently open. We invite interested applicants to apply for the Commercial Property Improvement Grant.

Making It Happen In The Hollowell/Martin Luther King TAD

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