Stadium Area TAD

Created in 2006 to facilitate the redevelopment of the area around the former Turner Field by encouraging substantial new development.

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Getting Your Bearings

About The Stadium Area TAD

The TAD will establish the framework for redevelopment opportunities and investment in portions of the Summerhill, Mechanicsville, and Peoplestown neighborhoods and provide an important economic incentive to enhance the market competitiveness of the area.

The primary goal of the TAD is to provide a funding source for the construction of public parking decks on the surface parking lots north of Turner Field, thereby reducing the need for surface parking lots, which inhibit development activity. The TAD area consists of approximately 391 acres with 671 individual parcels around Turner Field.

Stadium Area TAD Development Objectives

The benefits to the City and County from creation of the Stadium Neighborhoods TAD, and the projects which will result, include:

  • New private capital investment of approximately $1.2 billion through 2020 on property, much of which is currently surface parking lots, located in an area that historically has been underserved.
  • Creation of new jobs in the business and service industries with the substantial new office, retail, and hotel development.
  • Creation of new shopping, recreation, and entertainment opportunities which will improve the neighborhood environment.
  • Creation of a more vibrant neighborhood environment by expanding residential opportunities with approximately 3,630 new housing units.
  • Improved pedestrian access to shopping, employment, regional transportation particularly in Hank Aaron Drive and Georgia Avenue.
  • Establishment of new neighborhood gathering places, attracting new customers and visitors to the area.

Stadium Area TAD Redevelopment Plan

Funding Opportunities

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Notice: The Small Business Improvement Grant program is not currently open. We invite interested applicants to apply for the Commercial Property Improvement Grant.

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