Atlanta Beltline Affordable Housing Trust Fund (BAHTF)

Affordable housing is a critical component of the Beltline development. The City Council created a BAHTF to promote the creation and preservation of affordable housing within the Beltline neighborhoods. Grant funds from BAHTF add a necessary, flexible and unprecedented tool to Atlanta’s affordable housing toolkit. These funds can be combined with other affordable housing programs and city incentives and leveraged with private dollars to construct or renovate affordable housing units in the city. The goal of the BAHTF is to create a balanced mix of rental and owner occupied housing units and to encourage the distribution of affordable housing around the beltline.

These grants will be provided to non-profit and for profit multifamily developers offering affordable workforce housing rental units along the Atlanta BeltLine. Grant funds may be used to finance acquisition, construction or renovation of multifamily housing for families at or below 60% of Area Median Income (as defined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development). These grants to developers are enforced by a Land Use Restriction Agreement (LURA). The total amount of the grant dollars may not exceed 30% of the total development costs with a cap of $2.5 million per multifamily development. The developer is required to obtain additional financing from other sources to complete the development.

Projects involving a combination of nonprofit organizations with for profit partners and investors, adhere to the Atlanta BeltLine Design Guidelines, have affordable rental units for persons at or below 30% of AMI and market to public servants (city, county, Atlanta Public School employees) and City of Atlanta residents will be given top priority.

The program components of the BAHTF include:

  • Multifamily Rental Developer Incentives
  • Single Family Developer Incentives
  • Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO) Set-aside for Multifamily Rental
  • Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO) Set–aside for Single Family Homeownership

Grants are available to multifamily, single family and CHDO developers from the Beltline Affordable Housing Trust Fund to finance multifamily and single family developments along the Beltline.

BAHTF dollars will only be awarded to those developments that would not be economically feasible without this public subsidy. The amount of funding granted to a specific development may reflect an award of less than 100% of the requested amount based on the assessment of financial need made by Invest Atlanta and other factors as determined by Invest Atlanta.

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