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A Family Legacy

Like so many, Khadija J. Head had a life-changing, ah-ha moment during the pandemic.

The career athlete and collegiate basketball coach had spent her entire life immersed in the sport she loved. But since there was no basketball being played during the early days of COVID-19, she returned home to Atlanta and dove into the family plumbing business.

“I gained a greater understanding of the business and just how unique and special it is,” says Khadija. “It was my first opportunity to contribute to the legacy that’s provided for my family for so many years.”

Founded by her parents in 1981, Head's Plumbing Sales and Service, Inc., has employed four generations of family members and is the oldest Black-owned plumbing company in Georgia. For years, her grandfather worked alongside her parents, and now Khadija and her brother, Odari, manage the business. Odari’s two sons are also learning the trade.

“I jumped off the metaphorical cliff and decided to invest in something that will outlive me,” says Khadija. “It was the best decision that took me too long to make.”

Since plumbing was deemed an essential business during the pandemic, one of the first things Khadija did was apply for a Resurgence Grant, which not only helped the company make payroll and cover expenses during the uncertain time, it also paved the way for a new revenue stream with the addition of a septic truck.

Khadija says working with Invest Atlanta was such a positive experience that she later jumped at the opportunity to participate in the inaugural Reimagine Opportunity Small Business Cohort. During the 10-week program, Khadija learned how financial statements provide insight into the overall health of a business and the importance of serving a target audience. “My main takeaway was that you really need a tribe of support,” she says. “Being exposed to other entrepreneurs empowered me to think bigger.”

Khadija has also taken advantage of the ATLinBusiness portal, which connects small business owners and entrepreneurs with consultants who specialize in various business functions, including finance, business planning, marketing, human resources, legal and web development.

Every step along the way, Khadija says Invest Atlanta has made her feel seen and possible as an entrepreneur. “They advocate for businesses no matter what phase you’re in and position you for success,” she says. “They’ve been a great partner and investor in Head's Plumbing Sales and Service. I’m so appreciative of their support.”


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