Answering the Call

The greatest ideas are born from necessity, and attorney Alcide Honoré saw a massive, unmet need for fellow professionals who bill phone calls with clients.

“I envisioned myself sitting on a beach, taking a call from a client,” explains Alcide. “I know I won’t remember to bill that call when I get back to office. That’s lost revenue, and it adds up.”

In fact, studies show that 40% of billable mobile calls with clients go unbilled. Knowing he had an idea worth exploring, Alcide engaged his brother, Armond Honoré, who is a software engineer, and together they launched Billseye.

Billseye is the first and only real-time mobile call billing solution that captures client calls and automatically records relevant data, such as the date, time and length of call. Using the app, users simply push the blue Billseye icon to answer incoming client calls, which appears on the phone’s home screen above the red “decline” or green “accept” buttons.

Alcide knew the Billseye solution would appeal to attorneys, accountants, consultants and other professionals. He didn’t anticipate a full 40% of Billseye users would be under the age of 25 – freelancers, influencers and solopreneurs who rely on their phones to manage their business.

“How we work has changed so much, especially after the pandemic,” says Alcide. “So much that we adjusted our roadmap and marketing strategy to help people in the new economy capture billable hours and get paid fairly for the service they provide.”

Alcide, who still moonlights as an attorney, describes Billseye as a bootstrapped startup that’s trying to get its footing, raise funds and accommodate growth. Invest Atlanta has been a key supporter along this journey, providing a low-interest loan for equipment and consulting resources, as well as a New and Emerging Tech Tax Waiver, which waives the fees associated with obtaining a business license for five years. Alcide has also applied for a Resurgence Grant and has taken advantage of the ATLinBusiness portal for marketing support.

“It’s been amazing to transform an idea into something tangible and have support from Invest Atlanta along the way,” says Alcide. “Our contacts at Invest Atlanta are so responsive; they know which resources are applicable to our business and proactively suggest opportunities. It’s great to have people who recognize the value of what we’re doing and actively support it.”

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