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Small Business Spotlight: Marley Media Productions Films Everything From Falcons to Beyoncé

Marley Media Productions has been telling stories through film and video for nearly a quarter century. They’ve done it using their unique docu-film style that puts the viewer in the middle of the action, whether it’s on the field at an Atlanta Falcons game or onstage with Beyoncé.

Based in Atlanta, the company handles the entire creative process—from pre-production to post-production—including services like on-location camera work, editing, graphic design, and event integration.

“We do it all,” said Mark Eschoe, who runs the this one-stop production shop with his partner Kiyomi Rollins. “We’re always busy doing content creation.”

Marley Media Productions handles the majority of filming for commercials and other video production for the NFL at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons. They’ve also provided services for a wide variety of other well-known national brands, including Major League Soccer, the NCAA, and Energy Monster Truck events.

“The majority of our clients are sports-related,” said Rollins. “That client is coming to us because they need help creating video content created for website, social media, or marketing activation.”

They also document concerts, and recently they had the opportunity to collaborate with Beyoncé to film her concerts—not once, but twice.

“We’ve done a bunch of things production-wise, but very few people can say they were on stage with Beyoncé and Jay Z,” she said.  

Running the company is a dream come true for Eschoe, who was born and raised in Jamaica and lived in Brooklyn for several years. He moved to Atlanta after graduating from film school.

“Since I was a kid, I was always amazed by storytelling,” he said. Soon after he arrived in Atlanta, he drove down Northside Drive near the Georgia Dome and saw a video playing about the Atlanta Falcons.

“I looked up at the Jumbotron that was there, and I remember looking up, ‘Wow, what a great feeling that must be, whoever is doing this,’” he said. “It was just kind of like a dream.”

With Rollins, Eschoe has made that dream a reality, creating a media production company after their daughter Marley. (She was named after the legendary reggae singer-songwriter Bob Marley.) They settled on the name because they wanted to be meaningful and “something that just lasts forever.”

Marley Media Productions separates itself by staying on the cutting-edge of new filming technologies, like drone services, and staying up-to-date on always evolving video format standards.

“Because we do come from a very technical base, we’re looking at those things and that’s what allows us to be successful,” said Rollins. “You have to be aware of what the industry trends are and know your customer.”

Between them, Eschoe and Rollins have decades of entrepreneurial experience. They also currently own and operate The Good Hair Shop in Westview, where they sell plant-based natural hair products. With the help of a small business loan from Invest Atlanta, they've been able to sustain and grow her business.

Beyond financial resources, Eschoe and Rollins have received additional assistance through Invest Atlanta Small Business Development Director Lonnie Saboor, someone that they’ve come to “adore.” He’s provided them with much-needed advice and helped them prepare for new market opportunities through supplier diversity programs.  

“Talking to Lonnie, it was the first time that I met someone in that position that I felt got it,” she said. “He gives you a listening ear of empathy that I’ve just never had.

“What I didn’t realize initially that Invest Atlanta is kind of like a long-term support system. They’re really great at doing those follow-ups.”

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